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Feb 2021 Updates

Spotlighting Youth Poets during Black History Month

The Duke and Duchess encourage trailblazing young voices to continue making an impact in their communities & around the world

In honor of Black History Month in February, The Duke and Duchess joined a virtual gathering of young poets who are members of Get Lit – Words Ignite, a Los Angeles-based organization that promotes literacy, empowers youth, and inspires community through the written and spoken word. 

During a month that we recognize and reflect on Black voices throughout history, the couple wanted to support an organization that’s engaging young people to find and raise their own voices.

In a lively and heartfelt conversation, the poets took the opportunity to share their writing, talk about what motivates them, and have a meaningful dialogue about what it means to be a young person living at this time in history—a time that, as The Duchess said, the effect of a single voice can ripple across the world.

Get Lit generates an annual digital anthology of poems as a resource to schools nationwide, and for 2021, they specifically focused their curation on Black poets.


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