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Apr 2024 Updates

Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund convenes in New York

This week, youth leaders and partners of the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund gathered in New York for a chance to collaborate and connect at the Fund’s inaugural in-person convening. Founded in 2023, The Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund has awarded $2 million to a cohort of 26 organizations focused on building a safer, more inclusive online world.

The projects include innovative solutions to issues that affect us all, including improving education access, the responsible use of artificial intelligence, and promoting the safety and well-being of online communities.

The day opened with a discussion on the current state of responsible technology and the movement to drive positive change. James Holt, Executive Director of The Archewell Foundation, joined in conversation with Nabiha Syed, CEO of The Markup and the 2023 winner of the NAACP-Archewell Digital Civil Rights Award, to discuss work around ethical AI and online systems. With optimism for the future, the group joined in discussion about the tangible steps being taken by youth leaders and organizations to create a meaningful and thoughtfully-designed technological landscape.

As a founding member of the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund, The Archewell Foundation is proud to support this next generation of leaders who are pioneering innovation in technology and advocacy to make our online world more inclusive, safe, and accountable for all.



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