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Feb 2024 Updates

Mayhew: Bringing Together People and Pets

On Wednesday, UK-based animal rescue Mayhew Animal Home opened a new wing in their London facility to transform the Home, providing wonderful spaces for enrichment, training and therapy. The Wing, named in honor of Oli Juste, will provide greater care for dogs in need, and was dedicated in memory of the renowned dog trainer and animal behaviorist by his friend Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex. 

Oli first introduced The Duchess to Mayhew in 2019, and she became Royal Patron for a three-year term. Through a donation from The Archewell Foundation, Mayhew’s animal welfare services have been strengthened and will improve the lives of countless animals. Mayhew is a cornerstone of animal rescue efforts in the UK and their approach is underpinned by a love of community – not only dogs and cats, but the people as well.

The Oli Juste Wing is a testament to his unwavering love and commitment to our furry friends, reminding us all of the power of compassion, connection, and care. 



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