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Feb 2024 Updates

Building Community for Women

Inspired by her work with Hubb Community Kitchen in the U.K., Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex and The Archewell Foundation launched The Welcome Project in 2023 to support women-led programming; creating a safe haven and inclusive environment for women who have recently resettled in the U.S. from Afghanistan. This past Saturday, The Duchess joined the Southern California Welcome Project for an evening of cooking and storytelling.  

In collaboration with The Archewell Foundation’s partner, Mina’s List, a group of 15 women gathered to cook traditional Afghan food including Ashak and Mantuu. Following meal preparations, the women sat down to discuss their personal stories and the support they find from this intergenerational group of women.

Since 2014, Mina’s List has been working with women activists and political leaders in Afghanistan to push for greater gender equality. In 2021, Mina’s List helped evacuate and resettle over 2,000 Afghan women and families through independent and coalition efforts. With many women resettling in Southern California, Mina’s List and The Archewell Foundation joined forces to provide community and support to these remarkable women as they begin to rebuild their lives in the U.S. 



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