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Building a Better Online World

Supporting Parents

Supporting families, in a purpose-driven movement for change to safeguard against online harms.

About the Program

From ongoing conversations speaking with parents around the world, it is clear that social media and time online are affecting the mental health of teens and children everywhere. In response, The Archewell Foundation has created a first of its kind support network for parents whose children and families have been impacted by online, social media harm. This community is a place for parents to convene, to heal, and to help prevent future loss and harm from occurring to other families around the world by sharing their stories. It brings the concerns, lived experiences, and solutions to the forefront of public consciousness.

Through our partnership with parents, we are building an empowered, informed, and connected global community of families who support and uplift one another, while becoming a platform and catalyst to affect change towards a safer online world.

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