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Responding to a rapid rise in misinformation and disinformation to create a better, more trustworthy information environment.

About the Program

The Archewell Foundation is committed to uplifting communities – geographic and demographic – by strengthening reliable and ethical journalism, supporting solutions which help to ensure all citizens are informed and engaged in their everyday lives. To that end, AWF has invested in and uplifted community-based news outlets and organizations that play a pivotal role in enhancing the online experience for everyone including The 19th, Civic News Company, Sustainable Media Center, and URL Media.

We have also joined Press Forward, a five-year initiative dedicated to rectifying longstanding inequities in journalism. Through these collective efforts, The Archewell Foundation is steadfast in its mission to shape the future of media, ensuring a world where reliable information prevails, misinformation is challenged, and the public is empowered with the knowledge needed for a more informed and connected society.

Additionally, as part of The Archewell Foundation’s efforts to enhance our information ecosystem and comprehend the intricate interplay between information, media, and broader societal trends, we funded two independent research projects to investigate the impact of news and social media on public discourse. In Australia, Purpose’s report, “Online Hate Speech in Australia” explores the role of news media in fueling hate speech against marginalized communities. The Foundation also supported Demos’ “Drivers of Digital Discourse” project which delves into the interconnectedness between social media, influencers, and news media, aiming to promote healthier democratic discourse and fundamental rights. Together, these studies contribute to a better understanding of online hate and accountability for those amplifying it.

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