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Two women and a girl smiling; the Procter & Gamble and Archewell Foundation logo
May 2021 Updates

The Archewell Foundation and Procter & Gamble Join Forces to Build More Compassionate Communities

The Archewell Foundation believes that with community, and through compassionate service to others, we can unleash systemic cultural change. In service of doing this, and building more compassionate communities, The Archewell Foundation announced a multi-year global partnership today with Procter & Gamble. 

Based on shared values, the partnership will focus on gender equality, more inclusive online spaces, and resilience and impact through sport. It will build on joint aspirations, most recently demonstrated by our work together in support of Global Citizen’s VAX LIVE: The Concert to Reunite the World, an event that inspired vaccine confidence worldwide and mobilized more than $300 million in the push for greater global access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Two women and a girl smiling; the Procter & Gamble and Archewell Foundation logo
Photo: Getty

Gender Equality 

Through The Archewell Foundation, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on a mission to build a more equitable and just future for women and girls. In this partnership, The Archewell Foundation and P&G will put a priority focus on gender equity. 

Building on The Archewell Foundation’s work with organizations such as Girls Inc. and National Women’s Law Center, the partnership will elevate the voices of adolescent girls to ensure their point of view and lived experience is heard at the tables where decisions are made. 

Expanding on P&G’s collaboration with Promundo, together we will underscore the importance of engaging men and boys in the drive for gender equity throughout society and encourage shared caregiving at home so everyone in the family can thrive. 

We will also work to ensure parents of every makeup and all walks of life have the support they need. Just this weekend, P&G joined The Archewell Foundation in supporting Harvest Home, a homeless shelter specifically for expectant mothers, on Mother’s Day.

Through this stream of work, both organizations recognize that when we uplift girls and women, communities thrive and everyone wins.

Compassionate and Inclusive Online Spaces 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and P&G have each advocated for greater civility, transparency, and accountability of our shared online space, including their collaboration on the specially curated edition of TIME 100 Talks, themed around the topic of “Engineering a Better World” in October 2020. Now, Archewell Foundation and P&G are undertaking a joint effort in support of building a better online environment that unlocks positive, compassionate, and creative spaces.

Resilience and Impact through Sport 

Archewell Foundation and P&G believe in the transformative power of sport and in the athletes who exemplify the resilience and courage it takes to achieve a dream. Building on The Duke of Sussex’s long-standing work to showcase the power of sport in the recovery of wounded, injured, and sick service members and veterans around the world—as creator and founder of the Invictus Games and more—and as part of P&G’s sponsorship of Paralympic athletes, this partnership will leverage the platform of Para sport to increase visibility and inclusivity.

Based on shared values, this partnership is focused on doing more (and doing better, together) for communities, for equality, and for our global collective wellbeing—one compassionate act at a time.


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