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The Archewell Foundation
Insight Report

Over the past year, as part of our work to build a better online world, The Archewell Foundation began conducting the first of a series of Insight Sessions. These Insight Sessions – intimate, structured discussions with small groups of young people and parents about their perspectives on social media and the future of the digital world – were designed to enrich our understanding of how families are thinking about life in the digital age, inform the strategic priorities and programming of The Archewell Foundation, and document stories to help advance efforts to create safer and more inclusive online spaces in the future.

This is the inaugural edition of The Archewell Foundation Insight Report – a seasonal report distilling key takeaways from our conversations. We aim to continue sessions for the foreseeable future, on an ongoing basis, to capture a global moment where technology is rapidly advancing, and society is attempting to both capitalize on the innovation while holding it accountable. We understand the nature of technology’s role in society is complex and want to reflect that in our approach to working to create a better online world, anchored first and foremost by real-world stories from young people and parents.