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May 2024 Updates

The Welcome Project in Georgia builds connection through hiking

The Welcome Project is dedicated to creating enriching and supportive programming for women who have recently resettled from Afghanistan. In Clarkston, Georgia, the initiative has collaborated with the Refugee Women’s Network to foster unity and camaraderie among these women through a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking.

This program offers participants invaluable opportunities to meet, connect, and build strength together. This Welcome Project has also ensured that the physical activities are accessible for all. Through All Terrain Georgia, Refugee Women’s Network was able to provide an action track wheelchair, empowering all Georgians to easily navigate through mud, water, sand and snow.

As a women-led organization, Refugee Women’s Network has consistently discovered innovative ways to support female survivors of war, conflict, and displacement. Their efforts help these women overcome systemic barriers, paving the way for healthy, self-sufficient, and fulfilling lives. The Archewell Foundation proudly uplifts this vital work through The Welcome Project, reinforcing our commitment to building more inclusive and connected communities for women across the U.S.



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