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The Archewell Foundation Impact Report

2022 - 2023

We believe in the power of community building as a potent and transformative solution for mental wellness, the cornerstone of our collective wellbeing. This belief shapes everything we do, as we reach communities locally and globally to inspire positive change through lasting solutions. Through these stories of impact, we can find inspiration. And in these moments, we find joy.


We uplift communities communities across the globe by investing time and resources into people and places that foster meaningful bonds and help people thrive.

Whether it is finding solutions to address the immediate care of communities in need, or the long-term well-being of a region, we remain responsive to these needs locally and globally. This year, we have supported communities facing humanitarian crises, created space for refugees seeking connection, and have been inspired by women and girls forging their own pathways towards a brighter future.

The Welcome Project

With a belief in the power of connection and a goal of uplifting communities, we launched The Welcome Project in 2023. The Welcome Project supports women-led programming for recently resettled Afghan women to help build more inclusive and connected communities. Currently, there are 11 active Welcome Projects across the U.S. designed to foster a sense of belonging through activities including sewing, art, hiking, swimming, photography, storytelling, and cooking.

Through The Welcome Project:
  • 98.8

    have developed a meaningful relationship or friendship

  • 97.7

    have increased their sense of social connection and decreased feelings of loneliness

  • 98.8

    feel their culture and lifestyle have been welcomed and treated with respect

Building a Better Online World

We’re putting people first and making investments in innovative, upstream solutions.

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, it’s critical that equal investments are made to safeguard vulnerable populations and give voice to families who are navigating the digital age as they raise the next generation. We create safe spaces where parents and young people can come together to share their experiences and collaborate to develop solutions, support one another, and advocate for change.

Supporting Parents

Over the past year, we have built a first of its kind support network for parents whose children and families have been impacted by online harm. This community is a place for parents to convene, to heal, and to help prevent future loss and harm from occurring to other families around the world by sharing their stories.


Parents in this community have reported:
  • 87

    feel this network has played an important role in their healing journey

  • 96

    feel that they experienced an increase in feelings of contact and care

  • 91

    feel that this space served as a supportive network

Restoring Trust in Information

We promote information integrity and ethical journalism as a fundamental right – an essential need for the wellbeing of communities and democracies the world over.

As we seek the creation of a better, more trustworthy and diverse information environment across all forms of media, we support research and organizations creating a more informed, fact based, and more connected world.

We are committed to finding solutions that ensure information is trustworthy, that there is justice for those systemically undermined and disempowered, safety for those harmed, and equal representation at tables where decisions that impact all of us are made.

NAACP – Archewell Digital Civil Rights Award

The Archewell Foundation teamed up with the NAACP to launch an award that invests in and celebrates the people and organizations at the forefront of the civil rights movement online, creating the NAACP-Archewell Digital Civil Rights Award.

In 2023, this award was given to Nabiha Syed, Chief Executive Officer of The Markup, a nonprofit newsroom that investigates how powerful institutions use technology to change our society.

By The Numbers

  • 3,176

    hours of trauma-informed mental health support provided to individuals in Turkey and Syria, following the tragic earthquake

  • 2,500

    girls in Nigeria received menstrual products and health education

  • 237

    women coming together in community through The Welcome Project

  • 109

    families engaged in listening projects to guide our work